Love and Polygamy Evolutionary psychology has taught us that our desire for sexual experience is sourced from our need to spread our genes. We want to ensure that our tribe is large, to ensure safety and survival, and so our sexual appetite is ingrained within our biology. This is the general understanding of human sexuality […]

Commodification of Eros  A prominent symptom of a culture deprived of the awareness of unifying love, is a culture engrossed in superficial infatuation with ‘eros’ – sexuality and passion. While the purpose of sexual intimacy can be proposed to be in harmony with love as it has been presented as a concept here (this will […]

Popular Culture Work, Routine, and Reward In regards to the connection between love and psychedelia, a suggestion can be made into the role that both concepts may play within contemporary culture. While I don’t directly feel like a participant in what is considered the paradigm of normality in the context in which I am situated […]

An ongoing exploration into the notion of love as the ultimate existential truth

Education to Employment My last blog post was 5 months ago, which sheds light of the nature of this of this post. I discussed how I had chosen to quit my PhD after much contemplation, in pursuit of a career where I could utilise my skills while learning independently. I mentioned how I had gone […]

The idea of losing this felt like the loss of self, but of course this notion of self is just that of the ego. We are not our jobs, our life narratives, our qualifications; we are consciousness. If we were born into different circumstances we would behave differently. If we were born in a different generation then our understandings of things like social taboos or our tastes in music or fashion may be different. To assume we are a series of past events neglects the understanding that the present moment is all that exists. We are shaped by culture, and we can create culture, but we are not culture. We are consciousness experiencing our perceptions of various phenomena through the receiver of the mind, from the senses of our meat bodies.

To date, this blog has served as a record of illustrations produced in accordance to the topic of its title for the purpose of explaining a series of methods used to fulfil a Master’s Degree in Illustration and Design. The topic has now been taken to PhD level, where progress will be made where the […]