Monthly Archives: October 2013

Viusal Absorption

Reflection I spend a great deal of my time simply thinking about how to achieve clarity in my work. A lot of my understanding to do with the effects of external factors on approaches to individual ways of thinking are based on empiricism, and gaining objective proof proves difficult with the theme being abstract in […]

The Nourishment of the Naïve

When we are children we appear to perceive the world with a much greater sense for possibility than we do when we are adults. Children tend to have the ability to react to stimuli in a much more honest way than when they reach adulthood, through lack of understanding of the reverberations of their reactions […]

The Creativity of the Organic Illustration

Establishing Aesthetics In the same way that there appears to be a set aesthetic associated with fashion, the theme of the organic seems to have a universally understood portrayal which is communicated by some of the elements employed by illustrators such as Richard Wilkinson (Top) and Georgina Luck (Bottom). Loose watercolours and absence of ‘colouring […]

“People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It”

In this TED Talk, Simon Sinek explains his strategy of how leaders inspire action, or how companies influence an audience. Sinek uses the company, ‘Apple’ as an example of great leaders, explaining that although they provide a service whose quality can be matched by multiple competitors elsewhere, Apple stand out because of their engagement with […]

The Formula for Boring Illustration

My main reason for wanting to progress from B.A to M.A was, in short, to try increase my chances of employability. I found that post-graduation I would often receive the same feedback (if any) for my work from agencies, which was to the effect of; “We like your work but it’s not right for us”. […]

The Darker Side of Ignorance

These illustrations seem to succeed in their communication of something almost sinister, without making direct reference to subject matter that is typically associated with something conventionally considered to be ‘dark’. It isn’t easy to specify why it is that the images appear this way, and I suppose that on one hand it could be attributed […]

Cognitive Conflict

I was recently asked to produce an illustration for the band, ‘In Oceans’ for the release of their new single, due to be released later this month. (If you’re interested in contemporary prog-rock, be sure to give them a listen at The song entitled, ‘Mordrake’s Mute’, makes reference to the myth of the character […]