Monthly Archives: November 2013

Blandford Street Blues

Following on from my recent work depicting archetypes that exist specifically in my local area, I have attempted to experiment with the idea of creating a visual synthesis of the environments in which the separate tribes co-exist. Environment I began by taking photographs of a high-street in Sunderland called ‘Blandford Street’ (quite fittingly) which is […]

Deconstructing Distillation

Wood Drawings I’ve recently been attempting to find ways that archetypes can be presented in a way that exceeds the conventional figurative portrait by communicating a sense of personality traits beyond that can be understood beyond the materialistic perception. With the central theme of tribal convention in mind, I began to transpose some of the […]

Synthesised Reflection

After a thorough examination and analysis of the imagery and concepts that I have deemed relevant to my theme of collective consciousness, I have began to attempt to utilise what I have learned by applying this new knowledge into my working method of image creation. Examining artists such as Antony Micallef, Guy Denning, and Jenny […]