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During the festive period the colour red seems to dominate, whether it be in lights or  packaging or decorations of christmas trees – there is a definite increase in the number of encounters with the colour on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps it is the emotional warmth that is communicated that increases its use throughout the […]

The Art of Authenticity

I have come to realise during the process of my M.A that in all aspects of life it is the authentic which I strive to obtain, whether that be through my illustration work or just through interactions with a variation of people, I feel there is significant value in honesty which makes me feel something […]

Environmental Awareness

Within my project on popular convention, I have examined the geographical environment in which I am habituated, commenting and observing on the ‘vibe’, or at least implying the archetype who omit the ‘vibe’. In an earlier post, I made reference to Korzybski’s theory of general semantics, particularly the phrase, ‘The Map is Not the Territory’, which […]

Adolescent Consciousness

Following from the series of archetype illustrations I have produced for the ‘twenty-something’ age group and the ‘fifty-something’ age group, I have also examined my understanding of the adolescent consciousness and tried to consider what an archetype of this age group may be connected to. The themes of social media, popular music, public transport, global […]

The Map is Not the Territory

Korzybski Alfred Korzybski is the founder of ‘General Semantics’ and writer of ‘Science and Sanity’ (1933). He is responsible for the dictum, ‘The map is not the territory’ which is the idea that a map is simply an abstraction of a geographical location, and not the location itself. He believed the idea was true of […]

Coca-Cola Culture

“Whoever Controls the Media – Controls the Images – Controls the Culture” – Allen Ginsberg Over the weekend my Facebook news feed has had a significant number of photographs with pictures of people outside of a Coca-Cola van in Sunderland posing as though it is a landmark, often captioned with something to the effect of […]