Monthly Archives: January 2014

I’ll Draw Your Face on a Cup

Have Your Portrait Drawn on a Coffee Cup! My M.A project deals with cultural consciousness, part of which includes the social habits of different types of people. My aim is to draw portraits on paper coffee cups of the certain demographic that each establishment might appeal to. The image above is a cup taken from […]

Creativity vs Commercialisation

My main difficulty as an illustrator is in my ability (or lack of) to concentrate my images into their most pure and simple forms while still communicating the information effectively. Perhaps this is because my areas of interest are generally quite broad and my work tends to reflect my own sentiments and experiences of external […]

Not My Cup of Tea (or coffee)

I am unfortunate enough to work in a coffee shop that is a global chain on weekends alongside my studying, and have been for around 6 years now. Because of this, I have witnessed the falsity in what sort of environment the brand aim to portray, and how they attempt to manipulate their customers, and […]

Mechanistics and Monologues

Although there is some element of visual satisfaction with my most recent attempts to convey the internal narrative of the portraits that I’ve been creating, I feel that there is still perhaps room for purification to make the imagery appear more authentic and have the text be harmonious with the drawn elements. Equally, I have […]