Monthly Archives: February 2014

Contemporary Iconography

Exploration and Refinement Having spent some time working with the portrayal of archetypes onto disposable coffee cups, I had began to creatively ‘itch’ for an expansion in some form. I had previously dabbled with drawing directly onto paper shopping bags, which did seem to open up some new areas for exploration but I had abandoned […]

Morphogenetic Mankind

The Presence of the Past Part of my research on consciousness has led me to be introduced to the work of the biochemist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, who most recently has been working on breaking the existing paradigms that exist within contemporary understandings of mainstream science, pointing out evidence for ideas that are discredited without being […]

Modern Values

In the previous post I had commented on ethical approaches to capitalism. I had designed a range that could be utilised by the retailer ‘Homebase’ called ‘values’, which was an opposition to the idea of general values being economically grounded, and more in tune with values being centred around environment, ethics, and equality. Materialising Ethics […]

Ethical Capitalism

Design or Resign In essence, capitalism isn’t really a bad thing. It’s simply an agreed system that means ‘x’ can be fairly traded for ‘y’, with ‘x’ being currency with a universally understood value, and ‘y’ being an object. It is when corporations and individuals begin to value money over ethics that capitalism can become […]