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Egocentric Erotica – Coming Out of the Closet

Rituals My examination of the paradigms that exist within sexuality and the question of sexual agency within contemporary Western society has lead me to the consideration of the idea of ‘ego’ playing a role in intimate relationships. My previous post reflected on the male ego and discussed some of the findings of Rachel Kalishs’ study, […]

Egocentric Erotica – The Crucidix

Crucidix As a heterosexual but effeminate 24 year old male that has been brought up in a culturally deprived working class North-East town in which archetypical demonstrations of masculinity are symbolic of the ┬árole that is played within the tribal social paradigm – i’ve never really felt i’ve fitted in. The convention in masculine culture […]

Political Pornography

Political Perspectives I recently received a questionnaire in the post from my local conservative M.P, asking for ‘my views on things that matter’. My understanding of politics generally resonates with a lot of what the comedian, Russell Brand, has been discussing in his most recent stand-up comedy, ‘The Messiah Complex’, and his D.I.Y style youtube […]

Cultural Pornography

Sexual Agency? In my previous post i reflected on the impact of pornographic material on the individuals sexual desire – considering the role of pornography in each individuals consideration of what excites them, questioning the sexual agency of each individual. The image I had produced (below) was an attempt at communicating the idea that sexuality […]

Explicit Iconography

Sexual Consciousness The central theme of the project is the impact of exposure of media on individual choices and preferences. My research has brought me to a point where the majority of the information that I’m dealing with is concerned with consumerism, archetypes, and generic behaviour of western cultural archetypes – or Western survival. I […]