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The Impact of Globalisaton on Contemporary Illustration

Below is a link to an essay i wrote concerning the M.A for which this blog was concieved to aid and the theme of globalisation. Adam McDade: The Impact of Globalisaton on Contemporary Illustration. Advertisements


Identity is Intangible A portrait of a person is only representative of the continually morphing exterior of an ever-shifting consciousness that we attribute to an identity. Our physical appearance is not solidified; this is understood as an objective truth in all cultures – as we get older, our bodies change and begin to respond to […]

Coffee Cults

In the last post I discussed my struggle with producing any work that further solidifies the intention of the M.A, and my approach to this being to produce more of the same to hopefully reinstate the message through repetition, and allow the viewer to sense a pattern by considering the semiotic clues based on empirical […]

‘Typically Unique’

During April I’ve went through somewhat of a struggle with my work, unsure of the next stages and how to bring it all together to communicate the intended vibe with clarity. The general philosophy of the M.A has been isolated as the commonality between all aspects of the work produced up to this point, but […]