Coffee Cults

In the last post I discussed my struggle with producing any work that further solidifies the intention of the M.A, and my approach to this being to produce more of the same to hopefully reinstate the message through repetition, and allow the viewer to sense a pattern by considering the semiotic clues based on empirical sociocultural observations of Western consciousness.

Below are a handful of photographs of additions to the coffee cup illustrations that had been produced earlier in the project, dealing with the idea of ‘who drinks from what cup’, i.e. brand (or lack of) identity and the assumed spiritual reflection of the consumer who may be buying into the representations of the product over the product itself. Until this point, each cup has simply dealt with the global chain and the independent coffee shop customer archetype, however below shows some of the more recent works dealing the North-East bakers, ‘Greggs’ coffee, and the working-class industrial culture surrounding the establishment that is a nutritional and physical embodiment of the typical mundane state of consciousness of a high percentage of the areas inhabitants.

greggs1 greggs2 greggs3 greggs4

The expressions on the above cups are typical reflections of the common characters that are often encountered, particualry in the city of Sunderland.

In addition to this, I had also produced another illustration of an independant coffee cup of a typical ‘artsy’ orientated individual , pictured below.

duncan trussell cup

These illustrated cups (and many more) where also recently exhibited at an event in Newcastle titled ‘somewhereto_’, which was a competition for creatives aged 16-25 to have an opportunity to exhibit work in a public space. Unfortunately, I had misunderstood the vibe, and it turned out to be more like a youth club talent show than a platform for young creatives to gain exposure. Irrespective of this, I was able to get some documentation of the event, shown below.

somewhere to 1 somewhere to 2


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