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Fluttering Thoughts

  Moth to a Flame In a culture where we are constantly exposed to stimulus that is aimed to distract us from asking any social questions, an escape in the form of meditative states of mind would seemingly be of great value. My last post titled ‘projected perceptions’ discussed this idea in more depth, highlighting […]

Projected Perceptions

My most recent body of work is concentrated on what is largely understood as a Buddhist notion of the impermanence of all things, particularly states of mind. To be fixated on a particular stimulus that is either a by-product of the past or an anticipated happening of the future is to be absent of mindfulness […]

The Noble Savage and The Stoned Primate

Pure Frequencies This ongoing project has brought me to establish a philosophy that is central to all ideas explored through the illustration work. One of the philosophies is related to the buddhist notion of the impermanence of all things, including material, cognitive, emotional, etc. (as discussed in the previous post). In the West, we are […]