Attached is the PDF version of a book that i’ve written to summarise the project that this blog has been based upon, to submit as part of my Masters Degree. While the book and Masters course has been completed, the project (and blog) will continue throughout starting again from October 2014, when the subject of […]

Visual Shamanism The project has explored multiple factors and examples of constructs of popular culture such as brand identity, sexuality, mass media etc. that shape the consciousness of the individual and collective communities, using illustration to communicate the findings, interpretations, and alternative insights based on both. Although the exploration of such topics that have been […]

This illustration is a portrait of the counter culture icon ‘Terrence McKenna’, known predominantly for his book ‘Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge: A Radical History of Plants, Drugs and Human Evolution’, and his many public speaking events discussing culture, psychedelics, technology, language, evolution, etc. McKenna held the belief […]

Be Here Now The message of the godliness (godliness being defined as that which unifies all natural phenomena with the absence of intellectualised judgement or interpretation, and a tuning to a cosmic frequency of benevolence) in all sentient beings has been attempted to be communicated through the illustration in the last post titled, ‘Moloch! Whose […]

Organic Frequencies The project has discussed the various ways in which multiple factors lack the weight that they are perceived to hold, suggesting the benefits of a more psychedelic perspective in which all material and artificially inseminated emotional states are regarded as no more than what they are in actuality (i.e. money as a commodity […]

As a development from the work that has been produced on the idea of Buddhist notions of impermanence, a series of illustrations combining surreal photography of the husband/wife team ‘Matt Sayers’, and ‘Angie Sayers’ and my own illustrations where produced, dealing with the idea of media as an invasive and threating animal that can be […]

Navigating through Debris Most of the recent works that have been produced are linked to the themes of mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy, and nature, with the general theme of intangibility of both physical and emotional states of mind (as the previous 2 posts explained). The bass line contention for much of the work is centred around […]